When will phase 2 start?

Ownership and management are working to begin phase 2 as soon as possible​.  Please stay tuned for more information in the coming months!

Are regular dues going up?

For the 2018 year regular monthly dues will not increase.  The ownership and management are focused on operating a fiduciary business.  

Is the winter heated driving range facility off the table?

In lieu of the heated driving range we will be purchasing golf simulators for the club.

What are you talking about when you say enhancements of the dining rooms?

In phase 2 we will be purchasing new tables and chairs, as well as a few upgrades and modifications.

Does #17 take core of engineer approval?

We will be consulting with the the proper channels to determine this.​​

Can you address the special assessment opportunity?

In lieu of assessing special projects the club has taken the position that we would prefer to set up a special designated account to continue to make perpetual capital improvements.

Who do we want to compare ourselves to in Omaha?

We do not compare ourselves to anybody.  We want to be the premiere provider of exceptional member experiences in the midwest.

Looking at the first few years of the master plan, should more of the capital dues be given to the golf members?

We have strategically created a balance between all membership classifications to benefit all members. 

How do you make sure the capital dues money is only being used for the master plan?

The funds are going to designated to a special account with board oversight.

Will there be a subcommittee to make sure the funds are being used appropriately?

It will be overseen by the board of governors.

How much money all in will be designated to each project?

Phase I: $2.3 millon, Phase II:  $1.5 million Phase III  $3.6 million

Is there an option to pay your capital dues up front? 

Yes you can and you will be receiving notification with your December monthly statement.